Fundamentals of Organizational and Operational Resilience

Le 05/05/2022

Table of Contents

Organizational Resilience

  • What is Organizational Resilience
  • Characteristics of a Resilient Organization
  • Risk Management, the Foundation of Organization Resilience
  • Resilience Principles

Operational Resilience

  • What is Operational Resilience
  • Approach to Operational Resilience (Veludo, 2022)

Why building Resilience matters?

Key Challenges, Obstacles, and Success Factors for Building Resilience


Organizational Resilience

What is Organizational Resilience?

According to ISO 22 316: 2017, Organizational Resilience is the ability of an organization to absorb and adapt in a changing environment to enable it to deliver its objectives and to survive and prosper.

Resilience can be a strategic organizational goal, and the outcome of not only sustainable and responsible practices, but also of effectively managing risk, knowledge, and innovation in value / supply chains, networks, and ecosystems.