Leading for Innovation

Le 16/06/2020

Business and the planet can both be beautiful and compatible if we instil ethical values and creativity in business models, thus bridging responsibility, pragmatism and innovation.

Phil SKOLLE, 2020

We are committed to share curated content and our INSIGHTS with our community of followers, members and ambassadors on a selection of press releases and latest breaking news on innovation and technology-related topics.

LUCIA is an initiative that uses a personalized open innovation platform to stimulate social learning and innovation among our members and ambassadors.

Our members and ambassadors are invited:

  • To participate in “Conversations by question”
    These are discussions guided by questions to focus attention on specific topics.
    These discussions are a great opportunity for participants to learn from one another and think “outside of the box”.
  • To search for collective intelligence for idea generation
    It is an opportunity for individuals to spot solutions to specific problems, to identify opportunities, and to learn from one another.